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Solomons National agricultural information system

In partnership with organisations in papua new guinea and vanuatU



SoNAIS comprises two distinct but interrelated components: a bibliographic / library database; and a series of non-bliographic databases about research and development projects and activities in the three Melanesian countries, and who is carrying them out and where.

At present, only the bibliographic component is fully realised; work is ongoing to populate the non-bibliographic databases, and initial data should be available shortly.

You can carry out a Quick Search of the bibliographic database by entering a word or phrase in the box below.

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Special Collections

The SoNAIS bibliographic database contains three special collections:

  1. Catalogue of Melanesian agricultural publications
  2. Database of extension-type publications
  3. Database of conference papers
  4. Database of journal articles published in Pacific agriculture journals

Whereas a Quick or Advanced Search of SoNAIS will automatically search all the special collections, there are advantages to searching just the special collections, as you can find out by clicking on the appropriate link above.



Within search boxes:

For exact names and phrases use quote marks ("Eastern Highlands" or "plant genetic resources")

Use the oblique stroke '/' for OR (pigs / poultry)

Use the exclamation mark '!' for NOT ("root crops" ! taro)

Special Characters:

Use * to truncate (e.g. yam* finds yam & yams; "plant disease*" finds plant disease and plant diseases

Use >, <, >=, <= for greater or less than (e.g. <=1999 finds dates earlierthan 2000)

Use : to search a date range (e.g. 1990:1999 finds all dates in that range)

Resource LINKS

Western Solomons Research Database
A unique resource focused on cultural heritage and scientific knowledge about Western Province and Choiseul. More ...


If you know of or you yourself have written / published papers, articles, books, extension material etc and they are not included in SoNAIS, please send or give a copy to your local MAIS Operator. Electronic copies as well as printed copies most acceptable. Tenkyu tru
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