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Melanesian agricultural information system

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Agricultural publications

As part of the bibliographic database, a user is able to search a catalogue of agricultural publications from Papua New Guinea, the Solomons and Vanuatu. Information provided also includes cost (if any) and where copies may be obtained. Nowadays, many publications are available electronically and can be printed out locally, thus reducing production and distribution costs. A link is provided to the electronic copy.

As of 30 November 2011, the 10 publishers are:

  • Cocoa Coconut Institute of PNG 22 titles
  • Coffee Industry Corporation (PNG) 212 titles
  • Community Development Scheme (PNG) – 13 titles
  • Department of Agriculture and Livestock (PNG) – 344 titles
  • Fresh Produce Development Agency (PNG) – 49 titles
  • Kastom Gaden Association (PNG) – 1 title
  • Liklik Buk Information Centre (PNG) – 13 titles
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Solomon Islands) – 231 titles
  • National Agricultural Research Institute (PNG) – 256 titles
  • PNG Oil Palm Research Association – 11 titles



If you are aware of any organisation in PNG, the Solomons and Vanuatu which is producing agriculture-type publications and they are not listed here, please contact any MAIS Operator. Thank you.



Recent publications from

Recent publications from

Recent publications from

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