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Melanesian agricultural information system

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Extension-type resources

A listing of agriculture extension and educational materials from the Pacific Islands is included in the bibliographic database. This is to make it easy for extension officers, development workers, vocational trainers and teachers to identify suitable materials in an appropriate format.


The materials are subdivided into three main categories – crops, livestock and general – and further subdivided into specific subjects using Agdex numbers. The subjects shown are those experience shows are most useful. The results of a search can range from just one or two titles, to over 100 titles. Results are organised by series title; those publications not in series are listed first.

Some of materials identified are available in electronic format, and where this is the case, you can click on the link to view or download a copy.


If you are aware of any useful extension-type material which is not listed here, please contact any MAIS Operator. Thank you.




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