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Solomons National agricultural information system

In partnership with organisations in papua new guinea and vanuatu

MAIS Partners

The history of MAIS is one of encouraging organisations to partner right from the very beginning, in 2001. The first true partner organisations in Papua New Guinea were the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) and the then Coffee Research Institute (CRI) in Aiyura (now an integral part of the Coffee Industry Corporation). Funding for the development of a joint agricultural information system came from the Australian Contribution to a National Agricultural Research System (ACNARS) project.

In 2005 and 2006, following a consultation with a range of agriculture research and development organisations in Papua New Guinea, five other organisations joined what became the National Agricultural Information System (NAIS). Those organisations included a range of government departments, statutory bodies, industry R&D organisations and private companies. Each organisation contributed information assets and extension/research networks which greatly enhanced the quality of the system.

In 2009, as an activity under the World Bank-funded Rural Development Programme (RDP), SoNAIS, the Solomons National Agricultural Information System was born, built on the same architecture and organisation as the PNG NAIS. The two founder partners were the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) and Kastom Gaden Association (GO), a local NGO.

It is anticipated that a NAIS will be established in Vanuatu by the end of 2013, possibly to be called the Vanuatu National Agricultural Information System, or VuNAIS. The three organisations – NAIS, SoNAIS and VuNAIS – comprise the Melanesian Agricultural Information System

The current active contributors to MAIS are:

  1. Cocoa Coconut Institute of Papua New Guinea
  2. Coffee Industry Corporation (PNG)
  3. Department of Agriculture & Livestock (PNG)
  4. Kastom Gaden Association (Solomon Is)
  5. Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (Solomon Is)
  6. National Agricultural Research Institute (PNG)
  7. New Britain Palm Oil Ltd (PNG)
  8. PNG Oil Palm Research Association
  9. Ramu Agri-Industries Ltd (PNG)
As the project develops, the following organisations are expected to come on board:

  1. Commodities Export Marketing Authority
  2. Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (Vanuatu)
  3. Fresh Produce Development Agency (PNG)
  4. PNG Forest Research Institute
  5. PNG University of Technology, Department of Agriculture
  6. Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Training Centre
  7. Women in Agriculture for Development Foundation (PNG)

There is scope for a considerable expansion of MAIS within the three countries, to include a much broader range of organisations in the agriculture, natural resources and environment sector. If you are interested, contact us.




10–14 September 2013
SoNAIS training will be conducted in Honiara for staff of the Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock and other SoNAIS partner organisations in Honiara

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