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Solomons National agricultural information system

In partnership with organisations in papua new guinea and vanuatu

Welkam to the SoNAIS demo website!

The Solomons National Agricultural Information System (SoNAIS) is a national initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to provide access to bibliographic and non-bibliographic information about research and development in the agriculture sector in Solomon Islands. The scope of the databases is not restricted to just agriculture, but also includes information on forestry, fisheries and the environment.

SoNAIS is a partnership of agriculture and natural resource management organisations in Solomon Islands. Along with similar organisations in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu, SoNAIS is proud member of the Melanesian Agricultural Information System (MAIS), and the data and information presented here on this web site is the complete system, representing the work of all MAIS partners.

As this web site is a 'demonstration' or 'proof of concept', there is access only to a subset of the MAIS bibliographic database. This subset contains over 8,000 records (out of 37,000 records), being the best quality records about agricultural research and development in PNG, the Solomons and Vanuatu. The subset also indicates which partner library holds a hard copy of a publication. Links to access digital copies of  some publications are given. In the near future, there will be greater access to digital documents.

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Work is ongoing to capture information about agricultural research and development projects in the Solomons and the rest of Melanesia. In the near future users will be able to find information about projects, including contact details. This 'non-bibliographic' information will answer questions such as who is doing what, where, how and why. As such, it will be a vital communication tool between R&D organisations in the three countries.

For more information about SoNAIS, its development  and plans, click here.


8 December 2015
After being offline for about a year, we are so happy that Maxus Australia Pty Ltd, based in Melbourne, is making it possible for MAIS to go online again.

We really appreciate the help and support Maxus has given to MAIS over the years. Tenkyu tru.

27 June 2013
Eighteen months since the prototype of MAIS online was launched, and with no donor in sight, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Solomon Islands came to the rescue and funded the launch of SoNAIS online. SoNAIS is Solomons national gateway to the complete MAIS.

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