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Pacific Agricultural Information System

A partnership of organisations across the region


Contact Us

During the development period, 2016–17, the  Pacific Agricultural Information System (PAIS) demo site is hosted by Maxus Australia Pty Ltd.

The PAIS operators are the key individuals (see photo), so for any information or to provide feedback contact the person closest to where you are.

During this development period, the person currently acting as PAIS co-ordinator is Peter Walton.

Note: In order to try and thwart spammers, all visible and invisible email addresses do not include the 'at' symbol, so you will have to replace the '-at-' accordingly. It might work!

PAIS Operators

Papua New Guinea
Elisabeth Ling, NARI Keravat
Irene Okpul, NARI Bubia
Jenny Anima, NARI Bubia
Maria Luange, NBPOL
Roselyn Winston, NARI Laloki
Wahapo Kokorime, CIC Aiyura

Solomon Islands
Hellina Baraso, MAL
Rosemary Alabae, MAL

Meleane Vea, MAFF Vaini

PAIS Adviser

Peter Walton, Australia
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