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Searching terms

Search terms by entering the first few letters of the term then select "Search".

After selecting an item from the results, the menu at the right shows actions which can be performed on the current term:

Show hierarchy
Display the term's 2-way formatted hierarchy. In this format, periods (".") denote narrower terms, and colons (":") denote broader terms.
Show relationships
When displaying the hierarchy, this option returns to display the term record of the selected term.
Send feedback
Opens the default mail client on your computer, with the current term as the subject, and predefined recipients.
Search in <search engine>
Opens a new page in your browser with search results from the selected Search Engine.
On the term record display:
  • Clicking on a related term will display its term record.
  • Clicking on a subject category, will list all terms within that category

Use the top links to search terms beginning with a specific letter, or terms belonging to a category.

Search Options

The following search options are available:
For multilingual thesauri, select the language upon which the search will be performed.
Search type
Determines whether to look for:
  • Terms which begin with the text entered
  • Terms which contain the text entered
  • Terms which belong to the category code entered
Results format
Determines what information is displayed in the results:
  • "simple term list" is an alphabetical list of the terms, one row per term
  • "terms + relationships" displays the term record for each term. This search is slower than the simple list.
  • "terms + hierarchy" displays the hierarchy for each term. This search can be very slow, depending on the amount of levels each hierarchy has.
Terms per page
Determines how many terms per page to include in the results. Higher number will bring more information from the server, thus making it slower. However, lower numbers might force you to "page" (click next) in order to find the term.
Match terms *
Determines whether to search alphabetically for terms which are equal to or higher (alphabetically) than the text entered, or whether an exact match is required.
Term type *
Determines whether results should bring all terms or only top terms. When "top terms" is chosen, the search will peform significantly slower.

* These options apply only to searches of type: "term begins with text", and is ignored for other search types.

Search for

Search options [-]

* Available only to search type "term begins with text"